Modern Propaganda



I recently got into an argument, by clamming that the new HBO mini series Chernobyl was modern propaganda. The counter was, I could not evaluate this since I had not yet seen it. The series seems really interesting and well made, and I just have not yet found a legal way to watch it in Germany. But I assert, that this dramatized not quite documentary is propaganda, even if they remain true to the real events and facts. I give Chernobyl the benefit of the doubt, even though I have grounds to believe that they got some facts wrong.

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The Second 90%



A few years back I read a long lost article for indy game devs, that you should:

"Take your worst case estimate, double it and use that as your best case estimate."

This puts it mildly, but humans are for the most part really bad at estimating effort.

The standard project management aproach to managing large tasks with a high degree of uncertainty is to break down the large task into smaller and smaller tasks. The idea is that each task can be reasoned about and thus estimated to a higher degree of certainty. This is true, but...

In many project management software, you can show single task progress in percent. Unfortunately, almost all tasks in progress are pegged at 90% and the software will helpfully show nice charts. But this is misleading, since a task that is not done, is not done. A task has exactly 3 relevant states:

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Plausible Deniability in Threema



Threema’s private chat feature is worse than useless and desperately needs plausible deniability. The hidden chat feature must be implemented in a way that allows the user to plausibly deny that the a private chat actually exists, up to the point to unlock the application and “prove” it.

In the current implementation of threema, the following problems exist:

Problem 1: One Passcode

Threema uses the same passcode to unlock the application user interface and to show private chats. The problem here is that this only one security token, that once revealed basically renders the remaining safeguards null.

Problem 2; Show Private Chats Leaks Information

The “Show Private Chats” divulges the current state of the application. First this user interface element is only visible when there are private chats. This leaks the information that there is more to get.

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