I was looking for a simple and good build notification tray icon for Team Foundation Server and I think I just found it: CatLight

Cat light is a commercial usable freeware (not open source / free software) of uncertain providence. The website is has no clear attribution to a person or company. Also a whois request only brings up the company WhoisGuard Inc. in Panama. (Suspicions!)

The software is appealing in it's simplicity. It key feature is the tray icon:

If something happens, you get nice toast nonfictions:

If you want to know what the status of the individual builds is, you can double click the icon and you get the status dashboard:

And that is all the there is to the application. Simple and does what it should.

Attribution: The screenshots where taken from the website directly and are's copyright. (I did this because I can't talk about unreleased software.)